Review and Scoring Policy

Games are given a score of one through five in each of these categories:

Total Score: Overall score
Plot: Quality of the plot and story-line
Graphics: How well colours are used and special effects quality
Interface:How the game is played -- engines, programming, use of ZZT "features"
Music: Use of sound effects and music

A score of x means that the category is not applicable to the game. For instance, plot is not relevant to a collection of artwork. In a few instances, this is used because I did not bother to review that category.

My scoring is very strict; fives are reserved for games of exceptional quality in all areas and are extremely difficult to aquire. Total score is not an average of all other category scores, as it includes other factors which I will often explain in the review text.

I will not review any games containing excessive bad language or tasteless violence. Use of such devices in context is fine, but I will not support their abuse.

If you have a game which you would like reviewed, email it to me as an attachment or tell me where I can download it. Send to: