CJ (Catherine Ryan)

In the year 2122, you find yourself on the planet of the Wuzzles when your planet, Manhattan II, is given over to an alien race as terms of peace and you are banished to some random planet. The Wuzzles turn out to be an extremely peaceful people who live very simple lives on and within their tiny dot in the middle of nowhere; your arrival represents the most exciting news of the century. Your mission is to save the planet from certain destruction by the foolish actions of the other races in the universe.

By far, the most stunning aspect of this game is the storyline, which paints an elaborate picture of the Wuzzle lifestyle and mentality. Graphics offer little over most newer games, as Wuzzle was released in 1996. The title screen actually includes music, though not of the grandest sort. Gameplay is enjoyable, mostly consisting of small tasks which verse you in the lore and way of life of the Wuzzles.

Total Score: 4
Plot: 5
Graphics: 3
Music: 2