Gem Hunter II: Special Edition


A sparkling release in the Gem Hunter series by the famed Tseng, the Special Edition of Gem Hunter II brings a bit more science fiction to the series which began more as fantacy. Taking place on "Da Hood," Gem Hunter's home planet, the story begins with the no-longer-dead villain Aric kidnapping Gem Hunter's "girlfriend" Kim and (you guessed it) challenging him to hunt for the 42 silver gems.

The bosses are easy -- after talking to a few Hoodians, Gem Hunter soon learns all their weaknesses. Ammunition and health can be purchased in huge quantities from the score recieved in the Arena, a gray building with blue flags north-east of the Boys in Blue Headquarters. The most difficult aspect of the game is, as always, finding all the gems. Some come from bosses, others just hide in random places, occasionally glittering for you.

Though the story is rough, many characters are introduced and developed in this installment of the GH series who crop up in later Tseng games such as November Eve. With a soundtrack by Kevin Carter, King Og, and Tseng, the music is really nice. Overall, GHII:SE is an excellent game worth playing.

Total Score: 5
Plot: 3
Graphics: 5
Music: 4