Ledgend of Bob, The



A very long RPG adventure, the Ledgend of Bob (yes, legend is misspelled) takes you through a mystical world of elves and orcs through a portal into Earth. The graphics start out terrible, but improve significantly as the game progresses. Music is used throughout the game, though it is often more of an annoyance than an effect. Enemy programming is good and the RPG battles are hard to beat (which is good).

Unfortunately, before the game yields any merit, a poorly linked passage makes completion of the game impossible, unless you fix it in the editor yourself. It starts out with a newbie feel to it, and is extremely linear. Empty space and zig-zag paths which serve no purpose but to take extremely long lengths of time to get through only add to this feel.

The plot is developed, but not conveyed effectively and I am still baffled as to how a second main character appears in the final RPG without any explaination of her origin. So much concentration was put on places and characters unrelated to the story that I'm not sure I ever got the full picture.

Total Score: 3
Plot: 3
Graphics: 3
Music: 2