november eve


An awesome achievement by tseng, this hilarious parody of the Playstation game "Parasite Eve" embodies a huge amount of effort and work. With 135 playable boards of eye-catching art and cinemas, November Eve is a game to be reckoned with. Graphics couldn't be better, great music can be found throughout the game, and the plot, though completely linear, makes an excellent game out of November Eve.

Following the popular Gem Hunter storyline, the game begins on the planet Da Hood, where Kim and Gem Hunter have tickets to the Migrane Hall Opera House. The story begins when one of the actors somehow sets everyone in the theatre on fire, except Kim & Gem, though Gem Hunter recieves a wound in confruntation, thus leaving Kim as the main character. Kim must solve the mystery of "xamboxumbadria" and save all of Da Hood from the menace wrecked because of it.

Total Score: 5
Plot: 5
Graphics: 5
Music: 5