Voyage of Four


Voyage of Four, an interactive movie with a deep plot written by both Avatar and WiL, proves that WiL certainly is capable of composing a serious game. The musical score and sound effects are, in the tradition of WiL, excellent. Graphics convey the mood of the story very well and provide great visual effect. The RPG battle engine design is superb and works well for battle by large parties. The crux of the game, its dizzying plot, creates a world much greater than the game which presents it.

The lone bug I ran into while playing Voyage of Four occured near the end of the game, where poorly laid passages caused gameplay to skip over the awesome trail-blazing engines, a mistake not critical to the game as the hole left in the plot is paraphrased. The editor can be used to easily access these engines for those with the incentive. Contact me if this bug has been fixed in recent releases.

Total Score: 5
Plot: 5
Graphics: 5
Music: 5